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Beernarium Beer Spa is a very original and intimate place, located in the very center of Zakopane, on Krupówki street.Here, in the candlelight, with relaxing music, you can indulge in relaxing treatments combined with tasting delicious drinks and relaxing on a bed of straw. Beer Spa is distinguished not only by its unique offer, but also by the extraordinary atmosphere and cordial service.

Unusual Spa on the krupówki street

The secret of the Beer Spa is the beneficial properties of beer. Bathing in a bath beer brightens and moisturizes the skin, flushes out toxins and raises vital energy Connoisseurs of other drinks will also find attractions for themselves - baths in wine or milk.which have a significant impact on the skin, health and well-being. During bathing, the staff serves fine beers from small breweries or red wine. The Spa offer also includes attractive Day Spa packages in Zakopane,where hot baths diversify relaxing massages. The facility also has an infrared sauna, which strengthens the treatments.

Attraction in Zakopane for couples and not only

A visit to Piwne Spa is an original attraction for coupleswho are looking for romantic and intimate places in Zakopane. Here, they can spend a special evening together. Beer Spa also acts as an attraction for for friendswho are looking for an original form of rest and entertainment after an active day in Zakopane, as well as for singles seeking peace and deep relaxation. a także dla singli poszukujących wyciszenia i głębokiego relaksu. 

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed Spa offer and see you in Zakopane!

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