Beer bath - Tasting of beer 0.5l / 1os. - Relax on a straw bed

from 180 PLN

Wine bath - Wine tasting lamp / pers. - Relax on a straw bed

from 180 PLN

Session in the sauna - Beer, wine or milk bath - Unlimited tasting of beer or wine - Relaxing on a straw bed 

from 250 PLN

Session in the sauna - Milk bath with rose petals - Prosecco Tasting (1 bottle) + chocolates - Relaxing on a straw bed

od 270 zł

Sauna session 10 min - Partial relaxation body massage 20 min

od 100 zł

Session in the sauna 10 min – Full-body relazation massage 40 min

from 170 PLN

Session in the sauna10 min - Full body candle massage 40 min

from 170 PLN

Face, neck, décolleté and head massage + facial care with beer cosmetics 50 min

from 170 PLN

Sauna session 10 min - Original beer massage 40 min

from 200 PLN

Sauna session 10 min - Sports massage 30 min

from 190 PLN

Beer bath - Tasting of various beers 0.75l/person - Leisure on a straw - Partial beer relaxation massage (20 min/person)

od 290 zł

Session in the sauna - Beer, wine or milk bath - Unlimited tasting of beer or wine - Relaxing on the straw bed- Full body relaxation massage (40 min / person)

od 400 zł

Sauna session - Milk bath with rose petals - Prosecco wine tasting (1 bottle) + chocolates - Relax on straw bed – full-body relaxation massage (40 min / person)

from 420 PLN


Beernarium Beer Spa is located in the very centre of Zakopane, in the upper Krupówki Street.  It offers unique treatments and Spa packages for two and more.

Beernarium Piwne Spa w Zakopanem

Original SPA treatments in Zakopane

The treatments on offer at the Beer Spa in Zakopane are very intriguing. Beer, wine and milk baths available here are combined with tasting of delicious beverages and idyllic relaxation on a straw. They are conducted in closed, intimate baths, in wooden barrels with bubbles or colour therapy. In addition to baths, the SPA offers relaxation, sports or beer massages. The SPA also offers an infrared sauna, which enhances the effects of the treatments.

Properties of beer, wine and milk baths

Special preparations for skin and body care are used to prepare beer, wine or milk baths. Natural beer with beer oil brightens and rejuvenates the skin. Wine extraction counteracts the effects of skin ageing and is ideal for reducing fat and cellulite. Powdered goat's milk perfectly moisturises and nourishes the skin, making it softer and velvety smooth.

Professional and friendly spa staff

The Beer Spa in Zakopane employs very friendly people who will greet you with a wide smile and positive energy right from the entrance. The staff will guide you through the entire ritual, explain what the treatment should look like and what effects it has. The Spa also employs qualified physiotherapists who know the secrets of massage and deep relaxation.

SPA salon in the centre of Zakopane, at Krupówki Street

Beer Spa is conveniently located in the very centre of Zakopane, on upper Krupówki Street no. 77, in the basement of a historic building. On nearby Aleje 3 maja there are several municipal car parks where you can leave your car for the duration of your treatment. Although we recommend you to rent a room in the nearby resorts and come to the SPA on foot, so that you can indulge yourself without any restrictions.

Romantic SPA packages for two

Beer Spa is an exceptionally romantic place in Zakopane. Here in closed, intimate bathhouses original treatments take place. The atmosphere of the SPA is very unique and romantic. The SPA is located in the basement of a historic building. There is semi-darkness diffused by candlelight. Treatments are accompanied by relaxing music, which increases the level of relaxation. Here, couples in love can spend special moments just for two.

Climate treatments and spa packages for singles

Nie tylko pary dostrzegają wyjątkowość Piwnego Spa w Zakopanem. Z usług obiektu chętnie korzystają także osoby w pojedynkę. Tutaj masz szansę zaznać głębokiego relaksu, odetchnąć od codzienności, pobyć choć chwilę sam na sam ze sobą i oddać się tylko własnym przyjemnościom. Podczas relaksu możesz być pewien, że nikt nie będzie Ci przeszkadzał. W tle usłyszysz tylko relaksacyjną muzykę.

Perfect relaxation after a mountain hike

Tatra mountaineers are particularly fond of the Beer Spa in Zakopane. They often visit it after long and tiring mountain hikes. In the SPA they find exceptional relaxation, muscle relaxation and deep regeneration after intensive effort. After the treatment they feel much better, regain energy and are ready to conquer new peaks.

SPA open to organised groups

The Beer Spa in Zakopane also offers relaxation for organised groups visiting Zakopane: sauna, bathing, relaxation on a straw and, of course, tasting. Beer Spa is an increasingly popular attraction for hen and stag parties organised in Zakopane. For larger groups the Spa is rented on an exclusive basis. It is also possible to prepare refreshments during the relaxation.