Beer Day SPA

Beer Day Spa w Piwnym Spa

Beer Day Spa

  • Nourishing and relaxing beer bath
  • Tasting of a variety of craft beers 0.75 l/person.
  • Idyllic relaxation on straw
  • Partial relaxation massage (20 min./os.)
  • Time: about 1h 30 min
  • Included: towels, flip-flops and possibly swimsuits

Beer relaxation with tasting various beers brewed with traditional methods in the Castle Brewery in Cieszyn. The Day Spa package combines a nourishing bath using natural beer dissolved in water and a relaxing beer massage. The treatment provides your skin with valuable B vitamins, improves your mood and relaxes your body.

Price for 1 person: 310 zł
Price for 2 persons: 510 zł

* Massage for two people is usually performed at the same time.