VIP bath

kąpiel vip piwne spa | zakopane

VIP bath

Hot session in the Infrared sauna
Nourishing bath to choose from: beer, wine or milk
Unlimited tasting of craft beer or wine
Idyllic relaxation on straw 

Time: 1h 15 min
Included: towels, flip-flops and possibly swimsuits

Exceptional relaxation for two. A hot sauna, a nourishing bath in a wooden tub, and finally idyllic relaxation on a bed of straw. For the preparation of the bath we use care products dissolved in water: natural beer, wine extraction or powdered goat's milk, which give excellent results in skin care. The whole ritual is accompanied by unlimited tasting of beer brewed in traditional methods or wine.


  • 220 PLN / 1 person
  • 310 PLN / 2 persons
  • 530 PLN / 3 persons
  • 620 PLN / 4 persons