Kąpiel winna w Piwnym Spa w Zakopanem

Wine bath

Relaxing and nourishing wine bath
Wine tasting (glass / 1 person)
Idyllic relaxation on straw 

Time: 50 min
Accessories: none*

The bath is prepared using with the use of extraction from wine in the form of bath foam dissolved in water. The treatment counteracts the effects of skin aging and is ideal for reducing body fat and cellulite. The bath is accompanied by a unique atmosphere, candlelight and of course wine tasting. 

* Baths take place in wooden double bathtubs.

* Please bring your own towels, swimsuits and flip-flops (there is a possibility to buy / rent a set of on-site 12 PLN / 1 person ).


  • 170 zł / 1 os.
  • 240 zł / 2 os.
  • 410 zł / 3 os.
  • 480 zł / 4 os.