Zakopane Massage Price list

Sauna session 10 min - Partial relaxation body massage 20 min

from 110 PLN

Sauna session 10 min – Full body relaxation massage 40 min

from 180 PLN

Sauna session 10 min - Full body candle massage 40 min.

from 180 PLN

Face massage of the neck, neckline and head 50 min

from 180 PLN

Sauna session 10 min - Sports massage 30 min

from 210 PLN

Sauna session 10 min - Beer massage 40 min

from 200 PLN


Beernarium Beer Spa located in the centre of Zakopane, in Krupówki Street invites you to relaxing massages at attractive prices.

Choose the perfect massage for you

W ofercie Piwnego Spa znajdziesz różne rodzaje masaży. Relaxing massages (partial and total) perfect relaxation for those seeking a moment of relaxation and tranquillity. Sports massage designed for people with high physical activity. Ideal after long mountain hikes and intensive skiing on the slopes.  Beer foam massage conducted according to an original recipe using beer cosmetics. Ideal for people open to new experiences. 

Preparation and course of treatment

We will provide you with a disposable outfit, flip-flops and a towel for the duration of your massage. For your comfort before and after the treatment you can refresh yourself in the shower. Before each massage there is a short 10 minute relaxation in the infrared sauna. The purpose of the session is to warm up the body and prepare the skin for the massage. 


Attractive prices

Massage prices start from 90 PLN/person. See the massage price list above. You can enjoy a massage either alone or for two. Massages for two are usually performed one after the other. In case of high occupancy, there is the possibility to have massages at the same time.


Massages performed by professionals

The massages available at Beer Spa in Zakopane are performed by professional physiotherapists and their intensity is adjusted to your preferences.

An oasis of calm in Zakopane

The treatment is accompanied by a magical and intimate atmosphere, relaxing music and candlelight. All this makes the massage a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Beer Spa in Zakopane is a true oasis of peace and relaxation. A visit here is a fantastic escape from the crowded and noisy Krupówki. Couples in love who are looking for a romantic and intimate place especially like to spend time here. 

Book a massage online

Are you already convinced? Check out the massage price list above and book online the treatment of your choice for yourself or for two.

Want something more? Take a look at our unique Day Spa packages combining relaxing massages with nutritious baths, idyllic lounging on straw and delicious tastings. Only with us! Only in Zakopane!