candle wax massage

Masaż relaksacyjny częściowy


Sauna session 10 min. - Full body candle massage 40 min.

An aromatic candle massage is a feast for the body and senses. The warm wax from the candle provides a pleasant and nourishing layer, and most of all, deeply moisturises the skin. The massage has a positive effect on your mood - it relaxes and soothes. It's also a great way to get elastic and firm skin. The treatment is accompanied by relaxing music, a beautiful scent of a candle and the soothing warmth of wax. 

We use massage candles made from 100% natural ingredients. They doesn't contain petroleum products or paraffin.

Price for 1 person: PLN 170

Price for 2 people : 340 PLN

* Massage for two people is usually performed at the same time.