Top 10 things to do in Zakopane

Most likely, everyone has visited Zakopane at least once in their lifetime or plans to do so in the near future. This place has a lot to offer both to enthusiasts of active attractions and to those who prefer peaceful leisure time and relaxation with beautiful views. Whether you are planning your first or another visit, discover the top things to do in Zakopane.

1. Extraordinary Spa

In Zakopane, you can experience not only extraordinary views but also extraordinary sensations. All of this can be found at Beenarium, a unique place on the city map. If you are looking for top attractions in Zakopane, this one definitely takes the lead. In this spa, you have many different treatments to choose from, most of which utilize the benefits of beer, wine, or milk. You can opt for a massage, a bath, or a relaxing day, which will make you feel like you’re on a truly exclusive vacation.

Hasior Museum

2. Following the Art Trail

In Zakopane, you can delight in the view of the mountains, but not only that. It used to be a place bustling with all kinds of artists who left their mark. To this day, you can admire, for instance, the architecture created by Stanisław Witkiewicz. Museums and art galleries can be visited as well. Zakopane is definitely a place for everyone.

3. Mountains

When making a list of the top 10 things to do in Zakopane, one cannot overlook the mountains. It is thanks to them that the city has developed to such an extent, and crowds of tourists visit all year round. It’s worth going on a mountain trail at least once in your lifetime, especially since some paths lead to valleys via smooth routes, some even covered with asphalt. A visit to Morskie Oko is definitely something everyone should check off their list.

4. Nature Education Center

Nature in Zakopane can be admired at every step, but it’s worth learning about it beforehand. This can be done, among other places, at the Nature Education Center of the Tatra National Park. Here, both young and adults can learn a lot about how valuable mountain nature is and how it can be protected during their trips.

5. Cable Car

The views from the mountain peaks are within reach, and it’s worth taking advantage of it. Among the best things to do in Zakopane, it’s worth mentioning the cable car to Kasprowy Wierch. It’s an option that allows everyone, regardless of predisposition and fitness level, to reach the summit and see the majesty of the mountains in all their glory.

6. Rówień Krupowa

One of the most characteristic places in Zakopane, Rówień Krupowa, is a venue for many events and concerts. It’s also a place from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the peaks towering over the city.

7. Gubałówka

Gubałówka is a perfect place for a walk and is a hill that definitely gives a taste of the mountains. From there, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the entire Tatra range, take a souvenir photo, and relax.

8. Krupówki

Krupówki is one of the most famous spots in the city, and not without reason. You can find shops, restaurants, and of course, beautiful views of the surrounding city there. It’s definitely worth visiting this street at least once.

9. Wielka Krokiew

Something for sports fans, but not only. Wielka Krokiew is impressive, whether you are passionate about ski jumping or not. Standing at its base, you can definitely feel the adrenaline associated with jumping from such a structure.

10. Parks and Attractions

Zakopane offers many other attractions, water parks, places for play and games, and parks with exotic animals. It’s worth wandering around the city and discovering its hidden gems on the city map.