Things to do in Zakopane in the summer season

Perhaps asking what to do in Zakopane in the summer seems unnecessary when there are so many beautiful peaks around waiting to be conquered. However, not everyone visiting the city under the Tatra Mountains is an enthusiast of mountain climbing; sometimes they prefer to relax and simply admire them. Especially in the summer, they do present themselves spectacularly, but besides admiring the views, one wants to do something more. What are the best attractions for summer in Zakopane?

Active pursuits beyond the peaks

Time in the capital of the Tatra Mountains can be spent exceptionally actively without climbing the peaks towering over the city. There are many other attractions to choose from. You can easily ride a bike around Zakopane and its surroundings. Activities such as horse riding or off-road buggy rides are also available. You can rent electric scooters for getting around the city or special mountain scooters. The choice is really wide when it comes to actively spending time away from mountain trails.

Relaxation in the mountain capital

What are the best relaxing things to do in Zakopane in summer? Definitely spa facilities. An interesting option is definitely Beenarium. It’s a place where everyone can relax, whether they came to Zakopane to admire the views from afar or to conquer mountain peaks. Both will gladly immerse themselves in the relaxation offered by this place on the city map.

Beer baths, spa days, massages, and treatments, as well as attractions that can be enjoyed solo or as a couple. A romantic trip to Zakopane in the summer months is worth culminating with a visit to the spa. A relaxing treatment is also the perfect reward for muscles tired from hours of hiking on mountain trails.

It’s worth remembering that Beenarium is not just an ordinary spa. It’s a place where you can relax in a truly extraordinary way. Many treatments are based on the previously underestimated beneficial effects of beer and wine, as well as the more popular milk. Many of the available treatments can also be combined with tasting sessions of beverages, which is definitely an unusual option in such places. So, it’s worth considering Beenarium in your plans when looking for things to do in Zakopane in the summer.

Before the trip, you can check the offer on the website and book a visit for your chosen date. However, Beenarium is also open to those who decide on a relaxing evening spontaneously, wanting to give their tired muscles a break.

Attractions for children

Many people visit Zakopane with children and often look for the best options to spend time with their little ones. The youngest ones rarely appreciate the beauty of the mountains, and even less often do they want to hike in them. Fortunately, the city also offers something for them. At every turn, you can find interesting souvenirs, but it’s other places on the map that will capture their attention. What are the things worth doing in Zakopane? Summer attractions include Adventure Park on Gubałówka, wax figure exhibitions, game arcades, aquaparks, and Reptarium – the place where you can admire exotic animals.

Mountain trails

Zakopane is, of course, the capital of the mountains, so among the summer attractions, we cannot forget about the mountain trails. Fortunately, there are many to choose from, and even inexperienced hikers can go on a hike in the summer. In addition to peaks, there are also valleys that many people choose to visit, even with young children. Time spent outdoors, amidst nature and stunning views, is something worth experiencing this summer.