Depends on the treatment of choice. Please read the details of the given treatment to see if the price includes accessories (disposable swimwear, flip-flops, towel) or not. If not, please bring your own towels, swimwear, and flip-flops. You can buy all of the aforementioned accessories for PLN 12/set.

Nie. Ze względu na nowe zasady bezpieczeństwa prosimy o przybycie do SPA o dokładnie wyznaczonej godzinie. Będą Państwo mieli dodatkowy czas na przygotowanie się do zabiegu.

Yes, children aged 3 and up can take the baths together with their parents. The price per child is PLN 50, which you will pay on location. Children also get a sweet snack during the treatment. If you are planning on brining children, please notify the Spa receptionists in the reservation comments section or contact the reception desk directly.

You can, as long as you do not partake in the alcoholic beverage tasting session.

Yes, we require a payment to confirm the reservation. If you are making a reservation online, you can pay right away during the process or at a later time by clicking on the link sent to the provided e-mail address. If your reservation is not paid within 3 hours, it is automatically cancelled.

You can cancel your reservation by clicking on the appropriate link you will receive by e-mail or by contacting us by phone.

If you cancel your visit to the Beer Spa, the Spa:
a) returns 100% of the treatment price if you cancel your visit no later than 7 days before the planned treatment.
b) returns 30% of the treatment price if you cancel your visit within 7 days before the planned treatment.
c) does not return the treatment price if you cancel your visit within 24 hours before the planned treatment.

You can reschedule your reservation at the Beer Spa
no later than 24 hours before the planned visit without any extra charges.
You cannot reschedule your reservation within 24 hours before the planned visit.
The new treatment date cannot be cancelled.
In order to reschedule your reservation, please contact us by phone so we can arrange a new time suitable for you.

Yes. Please see the section for more details FOR GROUPS

Yes. Please see the section for more details VOUCHER

Bathing in our Spa is open to pregnant women in the second and third trimester. It is not recommended in the first trimester due to the risk of miscarriage. The only thing preventing you from enjoying the bath is if your pregnancy is threatened (the bath could induce contractions and premature birth) or if you are suffering from recurring infections of the reproductive organs. A future mom should bathe in optimal temperature of 37-38˚C. For her convenience, we recommend two stages of bath: 10 minutes in bath followed by a 10-minute rest on the straw bed and return to the bath for another 10 minutes to keep from burdening the organism with the warm bath and a sense of fatigue.

Menstruacja nie jest przeciwwskazaniem do korzystania z kąpieli. Proponujemy ustalić wizytę w 3 dniu menstruacji, aby nie pobudzić zbytnio układu krwionośnego w początkowych dniach. Do kąpieli polecamy przygotować się tak jak do wizyty na basenie z odpowiednim zabezpieczeniem.



viral diseases with increased body temperature


open wounds, fresh fractures, dislocations, sprains

If you have any additional questions about the Beer Spa, Call (+48 514 313 308) or or write ( We will be glad to adjust to your needs and will do our best to make your visit at the Beer Spa a special experience.